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Your Guide to Hardwood Floor Colors

Without a doubt, hardwood floors are a striking, classic flooring option for your home and one of the most highly sought-after flooring styles with prospective home buyers. When creating a vision for your living space, certainly hardwood flooring options and realistic laminate and luxury vinyl wood looks will come to mind! At the showroom in Mebane, NC, we have all incredible wood species, visuals, and tones that will bring your home to life. As you begin your exciting purchase journey, make sure to review this quick, helpful guide to hardwood floor colors.

Your Guide to Hardwood Floor Colors

What difference does hardwood color make?

Dark hardwood floors are ideal for creating a dramatic contrast and anchoring a sleek, modern aesthetic. Although dark hardwood floors can sometimes make a smaller room feel like a tighter space, using wider, longer planks can help offset this effect. Dark flooring can also show scratches more than lighter flooring, which may be a consideration to weigh for an active home with children or pets.

Perfect for using natural light to brighten a room, lighter-colored hardwood floors can help smaller spaces feel more expansive! Light hardwood floors are perfect for completing a coastal chic interior and combining with low-contrast wall colors to enhance the perspective of more space.

Your Guide to Hardwood Floor Colors

What are the trending hardwood flooring colors?

When it comes to sparking ideas and providing insight into what potential buyers are looking for if your home will soon be listed, it’s a great idea to check out which hardwood styles are trending in interior design. Here are some of the hottest hardwood flooring color trends that are currently thriving.

Gray has been an extremely popular neutral shade in recent years, and gray is not going away! In fact, gray hardwood flooring mixed with light brown or beige undertones to varying degrees has birthed the ‘greige’ category that is booming with designers and homeowners alike.

Natural and lighter hardwood tones are also popular as they can add an open feeling and complete a variety of different design schemes. White, cream, and blonde wood flooring are in high demand and represent the leading choices of this color trend. Whitewashed floors are another part of this lighter color trend that adds vintage elegance.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, cool, darker wood tones like black, smoke, and charcoal are increasingly being used to craft immediate impact for modern and contemporary design schemes. This hardwood trend completes a bold, minimalistic visual that is sure to turn heads!

Your Guide to Hardwood Floor Colors

How do you choose a hardwood floor color?

Choosing the right hardwood flooring color simply takes planning for your preferred design scheme and how the hardwood color will balance wall color, furniture, cabinetry, and even appliances. Avoid matching your hardwood flooring color exactly to other wood components in the space to prevent the finished room from feeling flat or boring. Factor in how your favorite hardwood color showcases grain patterns and distinct character markings, and make sure to balance all textures in the space as well.

Whether you love an airy hardwood species or crave dark hardwood floors, bring home your favorite hardwood samples to accurately see how they will appear with the lighting and colors within your actual rooms! Our Signature Flooring hardwood flooring experts are ready to guide you through the Mebane, NC showroom, answer any questions, and gather hardwood samples today.

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