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Signature Waterproof Installation

Signature Flooring has full-time installation crews that are well-trained and efficient. As they work on your project, they are careful to protect the entire project environment by taking above-industry-standard precautions (including shoe coverings).

We have expertise to get the job done right the first time. Signature Flooring is bonded and insured.

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Preparing for Waterproof Installation

Signature Flooring will keep you informed throughout the whole installation process, but here are some basic steps to get you started.

Your furniture will need to be removed from the installation area.

Before your Waterproof can be installed, your old flooring will also need to be removed, and  your subfloor will need to be prepared. Once your substrate is ready to go, your Waterproof floor will be installed.

During & After Waterproof Installation

An adult member of your household (age 18 or older) should be home to greet the installation crew and show them to the work area. The lead installer will give you a walkthrough of the job  and answer any questions you have.

Keep children and pets away from the work area for the duration of the job.

Once the job is done, you’ll need to make sure your room has good ventilation. You can help ensure good air flow by opening up windows, turning on fans, and taking other steps to air the room out for about 48 to 72 hours. Then, it’s up to you to care for and maintain your new Waterproof floor.

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