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The Best Flooring For Your Outdoor Living Space

The Best Flooring For Your Outdoor Living Space

Summer is here, bringing with it all types of outdoor fun and festivities. When designing a living space for the summer, don’t forget about the flooring! Whether it’s your porch, deck, or patio, the right flooring can really elevate your outdoor area and help set the vibe. Check out these outdoor flooring trends, then get ready to celebrate outside with friends and family this summer.

Outdoor Carpet

Carpet made for use outdoors is manufactured to resist mold, rot and fading from the summer sun. Available in many patterns and styles to fit your decor, you can opt for carpet tiles, which can be laid directly on whatever surface you have available or, for less of a commitment, go with an area rug. For a greener space, check out the amazingly realistic artificial grass options. No mowing required!


Concrete patios are a foundational solution to creating an outdoor living space. If you are lucky enough to have one already but it needs some love, consider painting it! Painting a patio improves it by smoothing and sealing the surface, and can change the look entirely. Consider applying an overall color of paint formulated for outdoor concrete, or paint a pattern using a stencil, to simulate tile or a geometric area rug.


There can’t be a discussion of outdoor flooring without talking about pavers. Available in a variety of uniform shapes and sizes, pavers are another foundational product used to create one of the most permanent and maintenance-free patios. Second only to poured concrete, if a life-long solution is what you are seeking, consider pavers made from concrete or brick.

Natural Stone

Stone is a fabulous option for creating outdoor living spaces. Flagstone, slate, or other flat stones can be laid into the ground in a grassy area or set in concrete. As an alternative, small stones such as pea gravel or pebbles can be poured into a prepared area to make a new patio, used in conjunction with large pavers, or as edging or a pathway to add interest to the landscaping.


The Best Flooring For Your Outdoor Living Space

Another popular outdoor flooring solution is decking, available in wood and composite. Both are good options if you’d like to build up rather than directly on the ground. Another option for improving an outdoor area is decking tiles, which are specially designed to interlock and allow drainage. These are a great option for changing the look of an existing patio since decks are synonymous with outdoor summer living.

Whichever direction you choose to go for your outdoor space, the helpful professionals at Signature Flooring are ready to help! They can suggest products and recommend solutions to get your summer fun underway!

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